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Israel at the Movies:Your Guide to Israeli Films

Israel at the Movies:
Your Guide to 8 Israeli Films

In addition to being fun to watch as entertainment, Israeli films can be powerful lenses through which to examine Israeli society. Whether you are looking to teach about Israel or learn more about it yourself, this guide will enable you to delve deeply into the important themes underlying Israeli society at your synagogue, community center, class, film group, Israel club or just with a group of friends. In addition to providing the relevant cinematographic and historical background crucial for a full appreciation of these movies, this guide enables active, critical thinking through thought-provoking activities and questions for discussion.

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The Syrian BrideThe Syrian Bride

The Syrian Bride tells the story of Mona, a Druze woman, and Tallel, a television comedian from Damascus Syria.  Though they are engaged to wed,  they have never met because they come from enemy states. Mona is in a bind because she knows if they wed she moves to Syria, she will never be able to see her family again, because they live in Israel.  The films grants us a rare opportunity to reflect on issues such as the Israel-Arab conflict and tradition versus modernity from a woman’s perspective.

Download a showbill for The Syrian Bride with film synopsis, background information, trivia questions and more.

Aviva’s Summer (The Summer of Aviya)

Aviya’s Summer is an autobiographical film about Israeli actress Gila Almagor.  Set in the newly-founded, post-Holocaust State of Israel, the film recounts the story of 10 year-oldAviya and her tortured mother, Henya, played by Almagor. Once  a beautiful freedom fighter, Henya suffers from psychological damage of surviving the Holocaust and losing her husband in the war.  Aviya’s Summer is a portrayal of the challenges of Holocaust survivors and their families in the new State of Israel, as well as an intimate look into the lives of two generations of women trying to make it work as best as they can.

Download a showbill for Aviya’s Summer incuding background info. trivia questions and food for thought.

Remember: films should not be shown in public unless you have attained screening rights!

FeminIsrael: Celebrating Israeli Women and Their Accomplishments

FeminIsrael is a joint project of the American Zionist Movement and WZO/Hagshama. Held each March in conjunction with Women’s history month, FeminIsrael celebrates  Israeli Women, their accomplishments, and their contributions to Israeli society and the betterment of the world.

FeminIsrael speakers visited communities and campuses across North America.  Even in places where there was no speaker, the accomplishments of Israeli women were celebrated with FeminIsrael programs.

FeminIsrael Programs

Movies with a Discussion Guide:

Syrian Bride
Aviya’s Summer
Aviva My Love

Powerpoint Presentation:

Female Voices: A look at how Israeli society has been influenced, shaped and represented throughout its history by the country’s top female musicians.

Shira: Women in Poetry: An explanation of women poets in Israel and their influence on Zionist and Israel cultural history.

Questions? Want to Participate?  Please send us an email.

FeminIsrael is a joint project of the American Zionist Movement and WZO/Hagshama