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Miri Shalem Talks About Gender Discrimination in Israel

On Wednesday, February 29th 2012, we had the pleasure of hearing Miri Shalem speak to us about the challenges facing Israel today.

Miri Shalem, Organizer of Flashmob in Bet-Shemesh, Brings a Vibrant Perspective on Religious Life in Israel.

“We felt like we had power to change the world” proclaimed Miri Shalem to an attentive audience, who attentively listened to Miri speak.

Shalem, a resident of Bet Shemesh, organized a flash mob of 250 Jewish women of various backgrounds, to peacefully demonstrate against women’s segregation and inequality.  While she confessed she is not a professional dancer, she articulated her passion for using dance as a form of self- expression and community strength.

As the Director of the JCC in Bet Shemesh for the past 17 years, Miri has seen the city change before her eyes. A beautifully diverse town has become populated with a community of Haredim. This change led to a clash over culture and conduct. Miri felt passionate about the importance of keeping her community feeling alive throughout these changes, and created a dance night for women only.

When the story of eight year old Na’ama Margolese came to light, Miri’s passion peaked. Na’ama, who was spit on by ulta-Orthodox men on her way to school, grabbed the attention of the Jewish State, the world, and more specifically, of Miri.

Shalem felt dissatisfied that while there was so much talk about the situation, no action was taken to stop the violence against the female gender in the community. Using dance as her voice and social media as her guide, she brought together a choreographer, a videographer, a producer, and 250 local women for a public dance one Friday afternoon in January. The local women danced for a recorded 3 minutes, and spontaneously for about an hour following that.  “The women felt confident and empowered, and we couldn’t stop dancing…We didn’t care what people would say”, said a proud Miri.

With over 175,000 hits, the YouTube video of her flash mob to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” has truly left a mark on the world. As Miri articulated so beautifully over lunch, “Don’t stop us now…. No one will be able to stop us now or ever…”

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Join the Conversation–Zionism:Seven Questions

A Journey Through Zionist Thought 1840 – 1948

Join AZM Chicago for “Zionism: Seven Questions, “a text-based discussion series in seven parts that explores the diverse writings and speeches of major Zionist thinkers in the pre-State era, 1840-1948. From Herzl to Ha’am, Rav Kook to Ber Borochov, Brandeis to Jabotinsky to Ben-Gurion and more, we will journey through this century of Zionist thought in all its complexity.

Based on chevruta-style learning, in which students gather in pairs or groups to discuss shared texts, the program provides an opportunity for participants to learn from the thinkers themselves and from each other in an engaging and open-minded environment. If you have some knowledge of Israel’s past and present but want to take your understanding to the next level, this program is for you.

Sessions will meet on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, starting Thursday, March 8, 2012.

Each session is $5; dates and session topics are listed below. You can sign up for as many individual sessions as you want; or sign up for all seven and pay only $25 – a $10 savings! It will be possible to sign up for additional sessions as the series goes on.

To participate, please provide your name and email address using the registration form below, and indicate the sessions you plan to attend. We will email you with the exact address for the sessions along with reading materials.

We look forward to learning with you! Register now.

March 8 – Why Do The Jews Need A State?: The Early Modern Zionists
March 15 – A Jewish State or A State of the Jews?: Theodor Herzl and Ahad Ha’am
March 22 – Do We Need A Land to Labor?: Socialist Zionists
March 29 – Zionism – Divinity or Heresy?: Religious Zionists
April 5 –     Does the Diaspora Need a Jewish State?: American Zionists
April 19 – What Does the Jewish State Need to Exist?: State Creators
April 26 – What State Did We Get?: Independence

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To register, please visit Zionist: Seven Questions Registration

Sponsored by the American Zionist Movement and the WZO Department for Diaspora Activities.