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Moynihan’s Moment by Professor Gil Troy

Moynihans Moment Hardcover 300dpiGil Troy is a leading political historian, and one of today’s most prominent activists in the fight against the delegitimization of Israel. He is Professor of History at McGill University in Montreal, and a Research Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Professor Troy’s articles have been published in The New York Times, The New Republic, and other major media outlets. He writes a weekly column for The Jerusalem Post, and is Editor-at-Large of the “Open Zion” blog on The Daily Beast. Professor Troy is the author of eight books, including biographies of Ronald Reagan and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In his newest book, Moynihan’s Moment, which was just published by Oxford University Press, Professor Troy combines his expertise in American history with his passion for Israel. Moynihan’s Moment tells the previously untold story of the 1975 UN resolution that called Zionism a form of racism, and the remarkable fight–led by legendary statesman Daniel Patrick Moynihan–to prevent its passage. Jewish Ideas Daily included Moynihan’s Moment in its list of the Best Jewish Books of 2012. Elie Wiesel has called it “superb,” and has said that “it demonstrates [Gil Troy’s] power of critical analysis as well as his commitment to what is eternal and noble in Jewishness.”

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Zionism: From Ideology to Action: Israeli and American Perspectives

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Zionism: From Ideology to Action, Sunday-Monday, October 20-21, 2013

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Moynihan’s Moment By Professor Gil Troy

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The 188th Crybaby Brigade By Joel Chasnoff

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A Shanah Tovah Message From Rabbi Vernon Kurtz

The period okurtz-croppedf the High Holy Days is a time of introspection and meditation. While we Jews do not necessarily make New Year resolutions, it is helpful to stand back to see how we have done this past year as we challenge ourselves to improve in the coming year.

From the point of the work of the American Zionist Movement we need to ask ourselves the following questions: Have we strengthened our bond to Zion, to the State of Israel, to the Jewish people around the world this past year? Have we taken upon ourselves the responsibility to learn Hebrew, the language of our heritage and our people? Have we been ambassadors for the State of Israel in the communities in which we live and in the organizations we populate? No matter what our politics, Israel needs good ambassadors. Have we reached out to our brothers and sisters in the State of Israel and around the world, showing our love for the people of Israel wherever they may be? Have we visited Israel this past year?

In all of these areas I am sure that even if we can answer in the affirmative, we can always make improvements. The role of AZM is to assist in implementing these challenges in our lives, in the lives of our institutions, organizations and communities. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur impress upon us the fact that we can always do better. The New Year is a new beginning: “Hayom Harat Olam – Today the world stands as at birth.” Each of us is given a new opportunity as the New Year commences. I hope we take advantage of it.

I ask you to challenge yourselves on these matters and work together with AZM to create a bond between Jews living in the Diaspora and Jews living in the State of Israel. We are ultimately one people with one past and one common future.

I pray that as we hear the sounds of the shofar this Rosh Hashanah that it may herald a time of peace and tranquility for our land, for the State of Israel, for the Jewish people and for all humanity. My best personal wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling 5774. Shana tova


Rabbi Vernon Kurtz

President AZM

NYers Socialize in Hebrew at Cafe Ivrit…Pub Edition!

On Tuesday, August 20, more than 30 Israelis and Americans networked b’ivrit at Café Ivrit…Pub Edition!, the first event for ViZionYLD’s Hebrew immersion-based series for young professionals. At this Hebrew-only zone, guests mingled over beera, chummus, and the always-popular Bamba in a private room at Hudson Station, discussing everything from their favorite TV shows to their latest travels in Hebrew.

Participants played sheshbesh (backgammon), the Hebrew-version Bananagrams and even “lechu dag,” the literal translation of the card game “Go Fish.” Native Hebrew speakers guided conversations, encouraging guests with all levels of fluency to use Hebrew for even mundane communications such as introducing themselves and asking for directions. Even beginners sung along with the Israeli music playing in the background and appreciated the historical posters of pre-State Israel.

Many participants had spent time in Israel on programs run by Masa Israel Journey, which co-sponsored this event. Since their return to New York, some missed Israel and its culture; they were thrilled to be in an environment filled with Hebrew and Israeli-themed activities and to feel like they were back in Israel for an evening.

To see more photos of this fantastic event, please visit our Facebook page.


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Learn Hebrew with ViZionYLD and Masa Israel Journey

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Join ViZionYLD & Masa Israel for an evening of informal Hebrew networking. Practice your Hebrew-speaking skills over beera and chummus with other young professionals. Chat with young Israelis, and schmooze b’ivrit at the bar! Café Ivrit is a new initiative that uses the Hebrew language to further connect young professionals to their Jewish identity & the State of Israel.
The series uses a holistic approach of immersion and experiential learning to engage and inspire.

All levels are welcome. Yallah, Nu!!
Light Israeli refreshments will be served.