AZM Chicago Concert 2010

The 18th Annual Benefit Concert for the American Zionist Movement of Chicago was a huge success, with an attendance of approximately 150. Ada Sutker Rabinowitz was honored for her dedication to the Zionist movement. Renana Gutman, critically acclaimed concert pianist, performed a wonderful array of music including a few pieces by Israeli composer Paul Ben-Haim. The evening began with opening remarks by Isac Kapulski, President of AZM Chicago, continued with Deborah Benson, Dor Hemschech Young Adult Board Member, who spoke about her passion for Zionism and how she got involved with AZM and concluded with others speaking about the AZM, as well as all of Ada’s accomplishments. Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the state of Israel, Theodor Herzl and all of Ada Sutker Rabinowitz’s accomplishments.