AZM’s Sderot “Yom Kef” 2007

AZM’s Sderot “Yom Kef”

On August 5-7, 2007, AZM hosted “Yom Kef” (“Fun Days”) for the citizens of Sderot. Over the three days, 8 busloads of Sderot families traveled to Jerusalem, saw the Knesset, visited museums and picnicked in tranquility.
The residents of Sderot have suffered greatly from living under an unyielding barrage of Qassam rocket fire for the last five years. AZM’s “Yom Kef” provided these Israelis with a reprieve from the constant tension, with an itinerary which provided enrichment as well as fun. Working through the WZO Department for Zionist Activities, AZM’s “Yom Kef” included a tour of Israel’s capital for Sderot’s residents, many of whom are new immigrants and families who have never been there before. “Yom Kef” was especially meaningful to the children, who have not even been able to go outside to play, a constant tension which has caused post-traumatic stress, trauma, and other long-term problems.

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Pictures taken in Superland, Rishon Lezion
Photo Credit: Gil Hadani/Allpix

Pictures taken in Jerusalem at the Kotel (Western Wall) tunnels and Bloomfield Science Museum
Photo Credit: Sasson Tiram