Civility Within Zionist Movement

1          Proposal on Civility within the Zionist Movement
3          AZM is the umbrella organization, spanning the political and ideological
4   spectrum of Zionist organizations in the United States and is the constitutionally
5   designated representative of the World Zionist Organization in the US. As such it
6   is charged with promoting Zionism and representing the Zionist ideal in all of its
7   forms to the American Jewish and general communities. To do this effectively
8   and on behalf of all of its members, AZM must provide a space where Zionists
9   can freely discuss their opinions and approaches to these tasks. They must also
10   be able to debate and discuss their ideological differences. Discussion is stifled
11   and cannot be effective when some participants vilify those with whom they
12   disagree.
13           Any organization which is a member of AZM, be it a constituent member
14   or affiliate, has accepted the fundamental and defining principles of the Zionist
15   movement, the Jerusalem Program. Thus the Zionist commitment and devotion
16   of a member organization should be not questioned and should be treated as
17   a basic assumption in all discussions.
18           Similarly, just as every AZM organization is unquestionably Zionist; the
19   same is true of the leadership of member organizations Personal attacks on
20   leaders of AZM member organizations, including attacks based on their other
21   organizational affiliations, have no place in respectful dialogue.
22           Motion:
23          AZM develop a civility pledge to which its member organizations will be asked to
24    subscribe, encompassing the basic principles outlined above and the expectation
25    of appropriate behavior in meetings and public forums.