Commemorative Zionist Shekel

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Anniversary Zionist Shekel

As part of this year’s celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Theodor Herzl’s birth, the World Zionist Organization and AZM are offering anniversary shekel certificates for sale.

The standard shekel certificate measures 8.25″ x 11.62″ and costs $18.00.  The certificate can be imprinted with a name for $36.00.  This unique item can be used to mark  occasions, celebrate anniversaries and graduations, or simply to demonstrate one’s connection to the Zionist movement.

The deluxe version of the shekel certificate measures  10.5″  x 14″ and has been issued in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.  Each certificate is numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

The cost of the deluxe edition, including an inscribed name hand-drawn by a calligrapher, is $180.  The deluxe version is also available in various framed versions and can be mailed anywhere within the continental United States.

Ordering consists of two steps:

1) Complete the form below, or, if it does not appear, follow this link, and

2) Purchase the certificate(s) from our website.