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Israel at the Movies: Your Guide to 8 Israeli Films

In addition to being fun to watch as entertainment, Israeli films can be powerful lenses through which to examine Israeli society. Whether you are looking to teach about Israel or learn more about it yourself, this guide will enable you to delve deeply into the important themes underlying Israeli society at your synagogue, community center, class, film group, Israel club or just with a group of friends. In addition to providing the relevant cinematographic and historical background crucial for a full appreciation of these movies, this guide enables active, critical thinking through thought-provoking activities and questions for discussion.

Published by the American Zionist Movment in cooperation with JNF and WZO, Department for Zionist Activities as a 6 Months to 60 Initiative.

Truth About Israel

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Bring Israel’s Soldiers Home

Educational guide dealing with the abducted Israeli soldiers as well as the important Jewish, moral issues associated with our duty to redeem captives. For use in youth movements and religious schools.

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Why I Am A Zionist

This book – heralded as a “must read” and the most persuasive case for Zionism “in decades” – was written by Gil Troy, a dynamic professor of history at McGill University and a contributor to the WZO Israel@60 Blog. Recently updated!

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Herzl: Up Close and Personal

This handbook for educators and youth leaders contains programming materials and resources for five 2-hour sessions. It is to be used in conjunction with the Herzl Exhibit.

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Partners in Nation-Building

For 7th, 8th, and 9th-graders; a two-part (three-hour) educational curriculum teaching about American Zionists and their contribution to the State of Israel. Co-published by AZM and the JAFI Education Department.

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Celebrating the Zionist Dream: Activity Kit & Study Booklet

Highlights more than 50 outstanding projects, programs and background materials prepared by educators, lay leaders and rabbis. 38-page study booklet.

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Ivrit Masortit

Ten stimulating lessons to explore Hebrew roots and related words and phrases. The lessons provide basic vocabulary which incorporates the fundamental ideas and values of our Jewish heritage.

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