Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev

Israel’s Abducted Soldiers: Read Their Stories

Ehud Goldwasser
Ehud Goldwasser was captured by Hezbollah on July 12, 2006 in an incident that sparked the subsequent war in Lebanon. After creating a diversion of katyusha rockets along the border with Lebanon, Hezbollah attacked two armed IDF Humvees near the Israeli village Zar’it, killing three soldiers as well as making the capture.

Goldwasser had been married to his wife, Karnit, just 11 months before being shipped off for reserve duty, celebrating Karnit’s 30th birthday the week before his departure. Karnit, who was forced to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary alone, traveled to the United States this fall to raise awareness about the plight of the abducted soldiers and advocate for help in ensuring their release.

Goldwasser, 32, from Nahariya, works in the Technion in environmental engineering. Known as “Udi” to friends and family, Goldwasser lived in South Africa as a teenager. His parents are Shlomo and Mickey.

Eldad Regev
Eldad Regev was captured along with Ehud Goldwasser on that fateful date of July 12, 2006, at the same time as Ehud Goldwasser (see above). Eldad Regev, 27, from Kiryat Motzkin, is a law student at Bar Ilan University who also worked for Bezeq. His mother, Tova, passed away when he was in 12th grade. An avid football (soccer) fan, Eldad recently passed a coaching course and watched the last game of the World Cup the day before leaving home for reserve duty.

Our thoughts are with his family, his father Zvi and brothers Benny, Ofer and Eyal.

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