Herzl’s 150th Birthday Bash!

Herzl’s 150th Birthday celebration was celebrated by over 100 young adults in Chicago on Thursday, October 7. The evening began with an open mic, where various performers, from comedians to musicians to spoken word artists, expressed their connection to Judaism, Zionism and the state of Israel.

The open mic was followed by an Israeli dance party. The program also featured the  Herzl “game room,”  where individuals had the opportunity to pin the beard on Herzl, sign a birthday card to Herzl or fill out a speech bubble that began with the words, ” My Zionism means to me…”. The young people who held winning raffle tickets walked home with Israeli wine, hamzot and Israeli karaoke CD’s.

Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the state of Israel and its founder, Theodor Herzl. At the close of the event, participants left the event asking, “When is the next one?” and “Can we do this again next month?”