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Common Ground Necklace

Handmade in Israel. A crystal glass pendant is filled with earth from Israel’s landscape, including Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada, the Sea of Galilee, and more. Keep the Land of Israel close to your heart! Despite differences we may have, we share a common ground in Israel, and thus a common bond with one another. Capsule: 1″ Leather Cord: 31″

$18.00 each, includes shipping & handling in US.

Cloisonne American & Israeli Flag Lapel Pin

New Israeli-American pins, with silver-colored edging. Show your solidarity with the United States & Israel! Perfect for Yom Ha’azmaut.

$10.00 per 5 pins, includes shipping & handling in US. 5 piece minimum order. Call 212-318-6100 for bulk pricing

Israeli Flags

Israeli parade flag (7.75″ by 10.5″) plastic on 12″ plastic post.
Made in Israel.

$18.00 per 25 flags,
includes shipping & handling in US.

Zionist History Notecards

Reproductions of genuine pre-State posters from the collection of the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem. Each box contains: 6 different cards and 6 white envelopes.

$18.00 Each, includes shipping & handling in US. Call 212-318-6100 for bulk pricing.