Helyn B. Reich Scholarship Recipients, Spring 2016

We are delighted to announce the recipients of the Spring 2016 Helyn B. Reich Scholarship. They have been chosen for their impressive involvement in Zionist causes in the United States, ranging from activism on their university campuses, to their commitment to Tikkun Olam, and to relentlessly fighting anti-Semitism. We are proud to support the future Zionist activists of our country.

Isabel cropped Isabel Schneider will be attending Saving The Stones, in Acre, northern Israel. The practical training program is designed to give the foundation  needed to begin a career in conservation of built heritage and historic preservation. Isabel  graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and spent a year in Israel as a  Community Development Fellow, teaching English to Israeli students through small group tutoring and creative  projects. The granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and having experienced anti-Semitism personally, Isabel is a  proud and passionate Zionist. Isabel writes that “Zionism is the acknowledgement that Jews not only deserve to  exist, but also to thrive, and in order for that dream to be realized they must have a place of their own. That place is Israel.” While in Israel, Isabel curated art shows and was able to build strong connections with Israeli artists and writers. Following the program, she plans to keep working in museums in both conservation and curatorial capacities, to be able to impact the international perception of Israel as a cultural leader, and perhaps even make Aliyah in the future.

Read Isabel’s essay on her connection to Zionism

Ella CroppesElla Ozer, a current undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, will be attending Tel Aviv University this upcoming Spring. Despite Tel Aviv University not being part in the semester abroad program of her university, Ella decided to spend her semester in Israel. Born in an Israeli family with very strong Zionist values, Ella has participated in various programs in Israel and was a proud member of the Israeli Scouts. She is also extremely involved in Jewish and Zionist life on her university campus, partaking in Hillel and Chabad events, co-founding the IAC Mishelanu chapter, and advocating for Israel on a day-to-day basis. Having her cousins serve in the Israel Defense Forces has had a great impact on Ella and incited her to get involved in a program dedicated to helping IDF soldiers. She hopes that her semester abroad will help her decide whether she wants to make Aliyah upon graduation. She is, regardless, looking forward to creating strong and meaningful relationships during her Israel experience, that will last a lifetime.

Read Ella’s essay on her connection to Zionism

Two Outstanding Young People Win Reich Scholarships

The American Zionist Movement announced the winners of the Spring 2012 Helyn B Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund Awards at the end of January. Both winners were outstanding candidates, who exemplify the kind of drive and passion the committee looks for in its scholarship recipients.

Sarah Warshawsky will be participating in the MASA Career Israel program this spring. Currently Sarah works as the Director of Political Affairs for the Consulate General of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico. Though Sarah grew up in a Jewish household, it was difficult to live the daily life of a Zionist growing up in a Texas community with a small Jewish population. Sarah had an awakening while attending college in Oklahoma where she was fortunate enough to participate in Middle Eastern political science courses taught by a guest Israeli professor. According to Sarah, “Israel has held a special place in my soul since I can remember. I have grown up all over this country and in unusual places for most Jews. Houston, Texas to Austin, Texas to school in Oklahoma, I know what it is like to not be of the majority. My solace was learning, studying and living Israel. I felt a sense of urgency, urgency to get up and move to Israel right away. I wanted to fight for Israel; I wanted to become a part of the majority.” Sarah hopes to use this experience of working and living in Israel to not only further her connection to the country on a personal level but also her future career as a U.S. politician or diplomat working to support Israel.

Read Sarah Warshawsky’s essay


Daniel Romero has had to overcome many adversities in his life.  Thus his application was especially inspiring to the members of the Helyn B, Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund committee.  A graduate of Berkeley Law of the University of California , Daniel will hold an intern position of Foreign Law Clerk with the Supreme Court of Israel while participating in the OU IFS Career Track of the Masa Career Israel Program next year.   Daniel believes that it was during an enlightening stay in Israel where his Zionism first came alive.  In his own words, it was on a trip to Sderot that “it became clear to me that this place, among many places, needed law and justice more than any place back home.  It also needs to be understood more than any other place in America.  For American Jews, this is especially the case and others in the Diaspora, as we are so necessarily tied to this place, and have a role to play in its development, through the ballot box and the foreign policy of our governments.  We have a share in its responsibility for justice and in furthering its development.”  Inspired by Theodor Herzl, Daniel hopes to make his year in Israel another step in realizing the Zionist vision for justice and peace both in Israel and for the Jewish people.

Read Daniel Romero’s essay

Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships Available for Young Americans on Programs in Israel

The Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1995 in memory of Helyn B. Reich, wife of founding AZM President Seymour D. Reich. The initial gift in Helyn’s memory was given by Mrs. Sarah Fischer and her son Dr. Stuart Fischer.

Reich scholarships are awarded each fall and spring to a limited number of American students who choose to study at one of several designated Israeli universities or attend post-college long-term programs. The scholarship seeks to recognize candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence, pro-Israel activity in their personal lives and show a commitment to future involvement with the Jewish and Zionist community. Preference is given to candidates who decide to spend the full year in Israel.

Spring 2019 Applications are now closed.
The deadline to apply for the Fall 2019 Scholarship is July 10, 2019.


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