The Israel Conversation

…Join the conversation with young Israelis who express their commitment to Israel and Zionism through their personal and professional lives.

For more information about their program please select:  Detroit (August 25) or  Palo Alto (August 29).
Ohad Knoller will also do an event in New York (September 1)

Karmit Arbel

Karmit Arbel

Karmit Arbel was a resident of the Ayalim Student Village near the town of Dimona for the past four years.  The village houses students committed to increasing the development of this underprivileged town. Arbel is responsible for the revival of the Cinema in Dimona and has brought the best of Hollywood films to the town.  Arbel received her graduate degree in biology, however has chosen for now  to work for Ayalim.  She is an avid hiker who has explored the world, including Tanzania, Iceland, Chile and Peru, on foot.

Ohad Knoller

Ohad Knoller, a graduate of The Acting Studio in Tel Aviv, is an accomplished actor of Israeli stage, film and television. He stars as “Nati” in the popular TV series, Srugim, often referred to as Israel’s version of Friends and has also acted in such well-known films as Beaufort¸ Munich, and Yossi and Jagger. Knoller and his family recently moved to Dimona where he is involved in projects to serve and improve the under-served towns in Israel’s Negev region. Knoller he is one of the founders of Dimona’s Culture Lab, a small cultural center that focuses mostly on theater.

The Israel Conversation is designed to change the conversation about Israel in communities across the United States.  The program seeks to shift the focus away from the conflict in the Middle East, and to highlight young Israelis who exemplify today’s Zionism through their personal and professional lives.

The program is underwritten by a grant from the Dororthy and Harold Greenwald Foundation.