With Israel, In Israel Photo Essay – Conclusion

With Israel, In Israel

A Photo Essay


Sunset at Hadassah Neurim Photo: Debra Kamin

Israel is such a unique place which offers so much to the world and which will always hold a special space in our hearts. It saddens us and troubles us more than we can express to witness the horrors of the current situation, as Israel faces neighbors whose express goal is to obliterate her and her citizens suffer from the hardships of terror, displacements and death. At the same time, somehow there were moments while in Israel when the beauty and rich diversity of the people and places surrounding us transported us to a different reality, one where there was laughter, friendship and harmony. Three days would never be enough to take in all of the wonders and complexity of Israel. Still, we are very glad we were able to take this trip, and we return home more fully informed and ready to inform others about the need to stand with Israel, no matter where we stand.

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